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Don’t Ask Government Officials

Government officials shouldn’t be asked because they lie; not always but, depending on who’s asking them about what, quite often. U.S. Presidents, diplomats, and members of Congress lie when asked about war and peace, and many other matters, domestic and foreign. These … Continue reading

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Issue Networks

As promised in my previous blog, here are two sources describing issue networks and indicating their importance in policy making. (1) Hugh Heclo discusses the effects of issue networks on the U.S national government executive branch in “Issue Networks and … Continue reading

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Stimulus Policies Can’t Increase Employment/Jobs

Stimulus policies can’t increase employment/jobs because the world has changed and is less and, in some cases, not at all, responsive to government borrowing to finance increases in agregate demand.  As Al Gore explains (The Future, pp. 26-27), the economy is global in … Continue reading

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