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Quality Management and Leadership: Knowledge and Authority

Quality management is not unique in its emphasis on leadership.  J. M. Juran, a major contributor to the quality management movement, titles one of his books, Juran on Leadership for Quality.  W. Edwards Deming also beats the drum for leadership … Continue reading

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Interviewer Effects

Interviewer Effects Interviewers affect interviewees.  As I point out in my book, The Problem with Survey Research,(p. 199) interviewers (and all others who ask questions) are stimuli and reinforcers who–as is true for asking instruments and settings in which questions are … Continue reading

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Legalize All Drugs

We’re all on drugs–just remember your use of aspirin, coffee/tea/caffeine, beer/whiskey/wine, prescription meds., and all the other chemical fixes taken daily–and in some instances every 1, 2, and/or 3 hours. Yes! Better living through chemistry!  We need to remember that … Continue reading

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2011 CDC Survey about Sexual Violence Not Reliable

A 2011 CDC Survey about sexual violence covered in the Chicago Tribune (9/8/14, sec. 1, p. 10) does not provide reliable information.  The survey researchers, themselves, admit as much when they say “it’s likely their results underestimate the prevalence of … Continue reading

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How to Make “Great Place[s] to Work”

The following is my review of Ronald Kidwell and Christopher Martin, eds. Managing Organizational Deviance that I’ve posted on Amazon.  I use this book in my Master of Public Administration course, PA 522.   My basic point in the review and … Continue reading

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