Legalize All Drugs

We’re all on drugs–just remember your use of aspirin, coffee/tea/caffeine, beer/whiskey/wine, prescription meds., and all the other chemical fixes taken daily–and in some instances every 1, 2, and/or 3 hours. Yes! Better living through chemistry!  We need to remember that everybody, a la James Brown, wants to feel good–and the way to do that, in addition to getting some shelter, clothing, water and food, is to take a pill or shoot a drug directly into the body–hit me with Novocain when I’m in the dentist’s chair and something stronger, say morphine, after surgery.  “Just a little pin prick/There is no pain”.  I feel good! Much better than before.

So, let’s follow retired Cook County prosecutor, Inge Fryklund, and a growing number of police officers, prosecutors, and judges; scrap the War on Drugs and legalize all drugs.

“Banning drugs like marijuana and even heroin”, Fryklund writes in a local weekly–Skyline, 9/3-9/14, p. 7–does no more good than banning booze did from 1919 to 1932. . . . Also, legalization will reduce the violence much as the repeal of Prohibition got much of the criminal element out of the liquor business”.

Prohibition doesn’t work.  People want to feel good.  Legalize and regulate; works every time!

Here are some links to Inge Fruklund and drug legalization.

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George Beam is an educator and author. The perspectives that inform his interpretations of the topics of this blog–-as well as his other writings and university courses -–are system analysis, behaviorism, and Internet effects. Specific interests include quality management, methodology, and politics. He is Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Public Administration; Affiliated Faculty, Department of Political Science; and, previously, Head, Department of Public Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago
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