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NYRB Review of The Problem with Survey Research

My book, The Problem with Survey Research, is reviewed in the New York Review of Books by Andrew Hacker: “an unabashed. . . . spirited. . . . indictment of surveys. . . . `The flaws of polls,’ he writes, … Continue reading

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United States Engaged in Perpetual War

The idea that the U.S. is engaged in perpetual war was, I believe, first phrased by historian Charles Beard to describe the foreign policies of the Deleno and S administrations, next by Gore Vidal who, in Perpetual War for Perpetual … Continue reading

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Media Bias

The media, like everything, and everybody, else (including me), is biased. Here’s an example of media bias from the Chicago Tribune, 9/28/14. On page 8 there’s a short, maybe 1/10th page article, titled “Gunman in barbershop kills 1”. The much … Continue reading

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Question Wording Skews Answers

Everyone knows that question wording skews answers.  Absolutely everyone!  Edward Snowden knows.  When discussing (in Wired magazine, 9/14, p. 9) whether or not public opinion has shifted in favor of curtailing mass surveillance, he says: `”It depends a lot on … Continue reading

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