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Review of The Problem with Survey Research

My book, The Problem with Survey Research, is reviewed by Professor Floyd Fowler and, using his own words, I’ve titled his review: “No Informed Person Would Dispute His Core Premise” [P]resent[s] evidence . . . that the topic, the ways … Continue reading

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There’s always more

Most people with food, clothing, and shelter–and usually a whole lot more–are not content with what they have.  They want more.  Because there’s always more to be acquired, they’re always discontented.  Here’s New York Times columnist, David Brooks, making this … Continue reading

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“Each new technology creates an environment that is itself regarded as corrupt and degrading.” Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, Critical Edition, p. 13. “News is not what happened but a story about what happened.”  Robert Danton, reviewing Lee McIntyre, Post-Truth, “Facebook … Continue reading

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All Polls Push

Although it’s commonly recognized that interest groups use push polls; that is, use asking instruments designed to push the opinions or views of respondents in a desired direction (see my post, Push Polls and Interest Groups), the more fundamental point … Continue reading

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Push Polls by Interest Groups

Commonly, interest groups administer push polls to, well, push the views or opinions of respondents in a desired direction. For example (here I am quoting and paraphrasing from Chicago Tribune newspaper columnist, Eric Zorn, 9/28/14) , Democrats for Educational Reform … Continue reading

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