Review of The Problem with Survey Research

My book, The Problem with Survey Research, is reviewed by Professor Floyd Fowler and, using his own words, I’ve titled his review:

“No Informed Person Would Dispute His Core Premise”

[P]resent[s] evidence . . . that the topic, the ways questions are worded, the mode of data collection, and . . . askers themselves, affect answers in ways that clearly imply error.

[C]riticizes researchers for ignoring or downplaying known sources of error such as biased and undefined sample frames and low response rates. . . . also criticizes researchers who use monetary incentives (“bribes”) to improve response rates

[E]xtensively footnoted and referenced

No informed person would dispute his core premise that there is plenty of error in surveys that . . . can produce distorted results [emphasis added].

—Floyd J. Fowler, Jr., Contemporary Sociology, Sept. 2014, vol. 43, no. 5, 660-62

About georgebeam

George Beam is an educator and author. The perspectives that inform his interpretations of the topics of this blog–-as well as his other writings and university courses -–are system analysis, behaviorism, and Internet effects. Specific interests include quality management, methodology, and politics. He is Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Public Administration; Affiliated Faculty, Department of Political Science; and, previously, Head, Department of Public Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago
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