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Respondents Make Answers Unreliable

Respondents make answers unreliable; that is, their answers may or may not be correct and when all you have are answers it’s impossible to determine which, if any, are correct or incorrect.  Zoë Heller, in her review of Jennifer Senior’s asking-based effort, … Continue reading

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Interviewer Lynn Barber Is Addicted To Interviewing

Interviewer Lynn Barber (as quoted in Jenny Turner, “Utterly in Awe”, London Review of Books 6/5/14, p.21)is addicted to interviewing.  She knows that interviewees are not, to use her word, “believ[able]”, but she continues to interview; that is, like all … Continue reading

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Interviews of the Famous Produce Unreliable Information

For sure, interviews of the famous produce unreliable information–that is, information that may, or may not, be correct–and one reason is because “[i]nterviewing the famous. . . is a game, a ritualised conflict with rules that are understood: `The participants. … Continue reading

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Review of Adam Thirlwell’s, Lurid and Cute

Updated June 7, 2020 We’re All Moral Monsters A few pages into Lurid and Cute, which has, to me, a unique style of writing, the best I could do to get a handle on it was to associate it with … Continue reading

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