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Review of Burroughs, Naked Lunch

Here’s my review of William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch, which I’ve also posted on Amazon: Depictions, Howls, and Promotions Naked Lunch is a Beat Generation novel of drug infused depictions of the torment and rapture of homosexuality in a homophobic … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault Surveys Are Unreliable

Sexual assault surveys are unreliable for many reasons. First, these surveys (like all surveys) only produce what respondents say and, as we all know, what people say often does not correspond to what they do and, in the case of … Continue reading

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Internet Effects: Coarse, Extreme Statements

One of the effects of the Internet (and now I’m quoting and paraphrasing from a Chicago Tribune article by Michael Finnegan, 10/4/15) is that it fosters coarse, extreme statements by political candidates.  After Republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson, said that … Continue reading

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