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We’re All On Drugs–And That’s Good!

Paraphrasing James Brown, we all want to feel good and, as we all know, taking drugs makes us feel good and/or better.  Consequently, we all take drugs.  We ingest, inhale, swab, smear, and shoot or have someone else shoot into … Continue reading

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Eroding Confidence in Surveys and In-Depth Interviews

Below is my review of Allan Kellehear, The Unobtrusive Researcher, which I’ve also posted on Amazon.  It’s part of my ongoing effort to weaken enthusiasm for survey research via promotion of observation and other non-asking methods: Eroding Confidence in Surveys … Continue reading

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Unreliable Interviews

Below are my comments on Marcia Angell’s article (New York Review of Books, 12/3/15).  I call attention to deficiencies perpetuated by survey researchers and by those, Angell in this instance, who rely on survey research: Marcia Angell uses a fatally … Continue reading

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