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Question Wording Makes Answers Unreliable

Question wording makes answers unreliable because words often have different meanings for questioners and answerers.  Moreover, in Maggie Nelson’s words, there’s “no cure” to this problem.  Here’s Nelson writing about sex/gender/transgender/gay/lesbian/straight matters and the meaning of pronouns: “When making your [Maggie’s lover] butch-buddy film, … Continue reading

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Religions Are Human Fabrications

In making my case against religion, I’ve posted a few comments on my blog post, George’s Office Wall, including “The Christian Fiction”, “the hall of mirrors that is Christian history”, and James Baldwin’s comment about the “hypocrisies of the Christian church”.  … Continue reading

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Snowball Sampling–Don’t Do That!

Follow Geordie and don’t do snowball sampling.  Don’t do that!  Snowball sampling is not random sampling and random sampling is the only procedure that provides optimal possibility for obtaining a representative sample.  Unrepresentative samples cannot provide reliable information and should not be … Continue reading

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