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Election or Appointment of Judges? It Doesn’t Matter!

Adam Hochschild, in the New York Review of Books,  complains about the election of many US law enforcement officials because election to office insures office holders will cater to popular whim and prejudice, especially when they’re up for reelection: “the United States chooses a sizable … Continue reading

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Rules for Social Science Research, or How to Find Out What’s REALLY Going On

Updated January 26, 2021  RULE #1 Don’t Rely On Self-Reports RULE #2:   Observe What’s Occurring RULE 3:   Say What Something Is (rather than what it’s like) RULE #4   Focus On the Present (rather than on the past … Continue reading

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Christianity Has Given Up on Jesus and Gone to the Dogs

There’s evidence that Christianity has given up on Jesus and has gone to the dogs.  For example, there’s Canines for Christ and Kingdom Dog Ministries.  The Lutheran Church has a dog ministry.  Dogs, rather than Jesus or clerics standing in for … Continue reading

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