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Corruption Gets Too Much Attention

Updated December 13, 2020 Corruption gets a lot of attention, not because there’s a lot of it, but because it sells.  Everybody’s against corruption, so the media attracts viewers/clicks and, thus, advertising revenues by dredging up and broadcasting all sorts … Continue reading

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Internet Effects: Smartphones Change Human Character and Relationships

We live in the Internet Age and this means that the Internet and accompanying hardware and software alter human character and relationships. Here are a few comments from a New York Review of Books essay, “In the Depths of the … Continue reading

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Katz and Hyman’s Contributions to the Counter Literature to Survey Research

My blog post, Counter Literature to Survey Research, is a collection of statements that help make the case against survey research as a way to find out what’s really going on.  When I find additional research and comments that demonstrate … Continue reading

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