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Does Having Sex Boost Work Performance?

According to survey researchers in The Journal of Management, married people who have sexual intercourse at night have increase work performance at their offices the next day.  This may or may not be true because the research is based on self-reports … Continue reading

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Internet+ Effects: Declining Significance of Nation-States and Governments

Updated May 21, 2020 The 21st century—certainly since 2007 with the emergence of the smartphone and cloud computing—is the Internet+ Age; a time in which the Internet, with attendant hardware (e.g., computers, smartphones, and sensors) and software (e.g., the cloud, … Continue reading

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Internet Effects: They Have, Right Now, Another You

The Internet and attendant hardware and software allows companies/platforms to collect data on Internet users and via algorithms reconstruct who we, in many respects, are. Moreover, we’re not able to access, modify, and/or delete our reconstructed selves. “Facebook”, Sue Halpern … Continue reading

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