Internet+ Age Emergence and Technology

The Internet+ Age evolved from, as Lawrence Lessing describes it, “a . . . `new society,’ . . . the Internet, or, . . . `cyberspace’. . . . [that] emerged in the West. . . . in the mid-1990s.” In those most-immediate-pre-Internet+ days, the growth of Internet usage, networking, and digital communication of ever-increasing amounts of information moving at very high speeds worldwide provided the necessary preconditions and impetus for emergence of the Internet+ Age about two decades later, around 2007. That’s when, as Thomas Friedman documents, many of the hard- and software products that distinguish the Internet+ Age broke through from their 1990s, and earlier, predecessors and began to permeate and dominate all of life:

  • Smartphones, specifically, Apple’s iPhone, was announced in 2007
  • Facebook, “started to scale globally” in 2007
  • Twitter“also started to scale globally” in 2007
  • YouTube, built in 2005, was bought by Google in late 2006
  • Androidwas “launched” in 2007
  • Kindlewas “released” in 2007
  • The cloud“emerge[d]” in 2007
  • Sensors, miniaturized and inexpensive, began to be in wide use around 2007
  • Mobil appsare another important part of The Internet+ Age. In 2008, apps available through app stores began appearing.
  • Blockchain,a major component of the Internet+ Age, was developed in 2008.
  • TheInternet of Things(IoT), initiated in 2008, was a key component of the Internet+ Age by 2010.
  • Machine learning(ML), another major component of the Internet+ Age, attained a notable level of advancement in 2011 when IBM’s Watson defeated two human champions in a Jeopardy! competition.
  • Artificial intelligence(AI) emerged in a significantly advanced version in 2011 with Apple’s Siri.

About George Beam

I'm an educator and author. The perspectives that inform my interpretations of the topics of this blog are behaviorism and system analysis. Specific interests include American politics, socioeconomic issues, survey research, and effects of the Internet and attendant hard- and software. I'm Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Public Administration, Affiliated Faculty, Department of Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago.
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