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Posting Is Sharing

Posting on the Internet is sharing. What’s posted is available to, and thus is, or can be, shared with anyone who has an Internet connection. There’s no alternative to sharing what’s posted when it can be acquired by anyone who wants it. Sharing … Continue reading

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Accept Filter Bubble Phenomenon

Updated December 11, 2020 A better understanding of our situation in the Internet+ Age and therefore greater effectiveness in pursuing our interests require that we accept the filter bubble phenomenon. Our use of the Internet and attendant hard- and software … Continue reading

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Are We Focusing On the Wrong Problem?

Often there’s a focus on the wrong problem. When the problem is violence in city neighborhoods, many focus on guns, rather than on poverty and the lack of employment at the going rate. When the problem is the Middle East, … Continue reading

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Importance of Code Increasing

Updated October 30, 2020 The importance of code is increasing. That’s because more and more of life is online and when online it’s all a matter of code.  Consequently, we’ll do better if we  understand code and we’ll do our best … Continue reading

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