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Is Everything Rigged? Yes, Always Has Been

Updated November 30, 2020 Everything is rigged and always has been. This is to say, everything is biased/skewed and gives the edge to some. That’s because everything (a government, an electoral system, an economic system, a game (football, chess, Grand … Continue reading

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2020 Election Polls, Like All Polls, Not Representative

It has been pointed out by many—including Finn McHugh in “Why the polls keep getting it wrong” and Mary Kay Ling and Doree Lewak, “Why election polls were so wrong again in 2020,”—that the 2020 election polls were not representative … Continue reading

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Pollsters Wrong Again In 2020 Blame Nonresponse

Updated November 17, 2020 Pollsters, wrong in 2020, as in 2016, seek the source of their ongoing errors. Some, for instance, Jon Cohen, chief research officer at SurveyMonkey, blame nonresponse. As he puts it in an Axios post: `“The major … Continue reading

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