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Internet+ Effects: Waining Interest in History and Increasing Awareness of the Present

There’s lots of whining about the waining interest in history.  None’s to blame for history’s decline in popularity and interest in history is not going to increase, no matter how shrill and numerous  the complaints and regardless of how many … Continue reading

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Internet+ Age Emergence and Technology

The Internet+ Age evolved from “a . . . `new society,’ . . . the Internet, or, . . . `cyberspace’. . . . [that] emerged in the West. . . . in the mid-1990s”(p. 2). In these most-immediate-pre-Internet+ days, … Continue reading

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Internet+ Effects: Declining Significance of Nation-States and Governments

Updated May 21, 2020 The 21st century—certainly since 2007 with the emergence of the smartphone and cloud computing—is the Internet+ Age; a time in which the Internet, with attendant hardware (e.g., computers, smartphones, and sensors) and software (e.g., the cloud, … Continue reading

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Internet Effects: Smartphones Change Human Character and Relationships

We live in the Internet Age and this means that the Internet and accompanying hardware and software alter human character and relationships. Here are a few comments from a New York Review of Books essay, “In the Depths of the … Continue reading

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