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Internet+ Age Emergence and Technology

The Internet+ Age evolved from “a . . . `new society,’ . . . the Internet, or, . . . `cyberspace’. . . . [that] emerged in the West. . . . in the mid-1990s”(p. 2). In these most-immediate-pre-Internet+ days, … Continue reading

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Internet+ Effects: Declining Significance of Nation-State and Government

The 21st century—certainly since 2007 with the emergence of the smartphone and cloud computing—is the Internet+ Age; a time in which the Internet, with attendant hardware (e.g., computers, smartphones, and sensors) and software (e.g., the cloud, Google, and  apps), dominates … Continue reading

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Internet Effects: Smartphones Change Human Character and Relationships

We live in the Internet Age and this means that the Internet and accompanying hardware and software alter human character and relationships. Here are a few comments from a New York Review of Books essay, “In the Depths of the … Continue reading

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