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Internet+ Age Emergence and Technology

The Internet+ Age evolved from “a . . . `new society,’ . . . the Internet, or, . . . `cyberspace’. . . . [that] emerged in the West. . . . in the mid-1990s”(p. 2). In these most-immediate-pre-Internet+ days, … Continue reading

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Internet+ Effects: Declining Significance of Nation-State and Government

The 21st century—certainly since 2007 with the emergence of the smartphone and cloud computing—is the Internet+ Age; a time in which the Internet, with attendant hardware (e.g., computers, smartphones, and sensors) and software (e.g., the cloud, Google, and  apps), dominates … Continue reading

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Review of Christine Hine, Ethnography for the Internet

Here’s my review of Christine Hine, Ethnography for the Internet.  I’ve also posted it on Amazon.com. Multiple Meanings and Mishmash We need reliable information about the Internet, but you can’t get it from Christine Hine, Ethnography for the Internet.  That’s … Continue reading

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Nationalism: Devisive, Counterproductive

Edward Snowden provides us with a better understanding of the extent of the national security state, but he’s more than a little off the mark when he wraps himself in the American flag (cover, Wired, 9/14), reflecting “the love of … Continue reading

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“You Gotta Move”–to the Internet

As I point out in my blog post, Strategy for Our Internet World, the Internet and  attendant hardware and software (Internet+) dominate everything and this means that we must use the Internet to optimize our effectiveness for betterment.  Following the … Continue reading

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Strategy for Our Internet World

In order to optimize our efforts for change and betterment we need to use the Internet and its accompanying hard-and software,  This is the conclusion of my review of Jonathan Crary, 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep, which … Continue reading

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