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Fear of Death Drives Belief in Religion

Fear of death drives belief in religion.  This is a main point in Tom Stoppard’s new play, “The Hard Problem”, which I’ve reviewed on Amazon.  Here’s the review, with a link to a related study, as well as comments about … Continue reading

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Religions Are Human Fabrications

In making my case against religion, I’ve posted a few comments on my blog post, George’s Office Wall, including “The Christian Fiction”, “the hall of mirrors that is Christian history”, and James Baldwin’s comment about the “hypocrisies of the Christian church”.  … Continue reading

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Religion, Oil, and the Middle East

Although many discussions about Middle East arrangements, disagreements, wars, and rearranging alliances focus on religion, oil is a much more important causative factor in past and present Middle East events and developments.  Oil drives U.S foreign policy in this part of the world and … Continue reading

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