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Media Bias

The media, like everything, and everybody, else (including me), is biased. Here’s an example of media bias from the Chicago Tribune, 9/28/14. On page 8 there’s a short, maybe 1/10th page article, titled “Gunman in barbershop kills 1”. The much … Continue reading

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Survey Researchers and Public Opinion

Survey researchers/askers investigating public opinion have never agreed “`on what the public is and on what public opinion is’”.  That’s a conclusion of the Second International Conference on Public Opinion Research, 1947 (Rogers, The Pollsters, p.11) and here’s a 2008 … Continue reading

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Triangulation In Social Science

“Triangulation” in social science is the use of 2 or more sources of data, or 2 or more methods of data collection (mixed methods, multiple methods), in order to check/verify results; in order to increase the credibility of results (Triangulation … Continue reading

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