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George Beam is an educator and author. The perspectives that inform his interpretations of the topics of this blog–-as well as his other writings and university courses -–are system analysis, behaviorism, and Internet effects. Specific interests include quality management, methodology, and politics. He is Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Public Administration; Affiliated Faculty, Department of Political Science; and, previously, Head, Department of Public Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago

Is All News Fake?

Updated May 24, 2020 Is all news fake? In one sense, yes, because all accounts of what happened are incomplete and biased. ” In  Marshall McLuhan’s words, news is fake “because it has to be made, then selected, and the … Continue reading

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Only Mothers Love, And They Love Only Their Children

“Love,” as many have mentioned, is a tremendously overused word. People say they love movies, books, dogs, cats, handbags, food, weather, cars, bicycles, shirts, skirts, vacations, . . . . you name it and, odds are, it’s loved (or hated). … Continue reading


Hate–Don’t Do It!

We should follow Liu Xiaobo and have “no hatred.” We shouldn’t hate anything or anybody. Hatred debilitates and does nothing to improve the situation. Expend your time and energy on being FOR rather than AGAINST. As the old song has … Continue reading

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Online Is Real, Drop Virtual

Updated May 19, 2020  Online is real. What’s online is not virtual reality or almost real. What’s online is actually, completely, real. What’s online is different than what’s offline but it’s just as real as offline. Consider your online banking … Continue reading

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Review: Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age, by Douglas Rushkoff

This book is an excellent statement of the overriding importance of programming/coding. In Rushkoff’s words, programming/coding is “the steering wheel of our civilization.” Either you learn to program/code and thereby help steer your life according to your interests, or you … Continue reading

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Work-Life Division– and Many Other Boundaries/Distinctions–Disappearing

Internet+ is obsolescing traditional separations; for example, the division between work and the rest of life.  In Marshal McLuhan’s words: “When everyone is more and more involved in the information environment and in the . . . process of discovery and … Continue reading

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Middle East Not Complicated

Here’s my review of AngloArabia:Why Gulf Wealth Matters to Britain, that I’ve also posted on Amazon.  In this review and other blog posts and reviews (noted below) I point out that oil–rather than religion, democracy, or anything else–is the driver of … Continue reading

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