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Internet Citizens: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

As I point out in my blog post, Strategy for Our Internet World, the Internet and its attendant hardware and software dominate and this means that we must use the Internet to optimize our effectiveness for betterment.  In my writing … Continue reading

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Why Social Scientists Shouldn’t Use Metaphors

One of my Rules for Social Science Research is “Don’t Use Metaphors”.  Natural scientists don’t use metaphors.  Physicists, chemists, et al. don’t tell us what something is like but, rather, what it is.  Social scientists should do likewise; should demonstrate … Continue reading

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Triangulation In Social Science

“Triangulation” in social science is the use of 2 or more sources of data, or 2 or more methods of data collection (mixed methods, multiple methods), in order to check/verify results; in order to increase the credibility of results (Triangulation … Continue reading

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